Over the past few years we have been able to begin to create an awareness of the 40 assets and spread the asset message throughout the community, but our work has just begun.


Here is a listing of our achievements so far:

  • Jan 2011
    Article HC-HY in “The Bottom Line” and Flamborough Review; Circulation 14,500
  • Feb 2011
    First HC-HY Coalition Meeting of 35 community leaders to establish partnership
  • March 2011
    Initial HC-HY website developed
  • June 2011
    HC-HY Flamborough officially registered with Search Institute
    First publication for parents “Give Me A Guitar” posters
  • Aug 2011
    Meeting with City Manager’s office
  • Sept 2011
    Camp Edgewood – asset presentation to WDHS Leadership Team (30 student leaders) meeting with Hamilton Police Services
  • Oct 2011
    Meeting with WDHS Safe Schools & Health Action Team
  • Nov 2011
    HC-HY Train the Trainer completed
    Waterdown Church Network meeting
  • Dec 2011
    Presentation to John Howard Society Board of Directors
    Rotary Clubs of Waterdown and Flamborough funding for HC-HY brochure
  • Jan 2012
    Meeting Manager of Partnerships and Outreach, Hamilton Public Library
    BIA Presentation
    5000 HC-HY Brochures printed for distribution in the community
    Waterdown Church Network event for 55 parents and community members: Raising Health Teens
  • Feb 2012
    First monthly article in Flamborough Review “Finding a Path”
    HC-HY interview about Chris Skinner Inquest
  • March 2012
    WDHS Video / Concert with Jaclyn Kenyan facilitated by HC-HY for 1200 students
    Spectator forum on Binge Drinking attended by HC-HY and 1000 community reps
  • April 2012
    Waterdown speaks – forums for 120 teens to share their voice at WDHS
    Asset training for WDHS staff
  • May 2012
    Official Trillium announcement through JHS partnership
    Office opens at WDHS
  • June 2012
    Wild About Waterdown partnership
  • Sept 2012
    $8,500 Ministry Pro Grant to be used for Asset Development Training Sessions and resources
  • Oct 2012
    Expansion Week activities for 1200 students and 100 staff; Alumni football game, BBQ and Open House for 800 Mentorship program introduced with 34 presenters
    Guest speaker program launched
  • Nov 2012
    HC-HY presentation at National Conference on Positive Youth Development to 100 participants

  • Feb 2013
    Developmental Asset Training for 35 representatives from community and School Councils; Supported by Councillor Judi Partridge
  • Apr 2013
    Scout House Presentation to Hamilton Scout Groups and leaders from 20 local associations
    Booster Sessions established for Trained Community Reps
  • May 2013
    Choices Day at Spencer Valley Workshops for students in partnership with Public Health for 82 Grade 8 students
    Mental Health Awareness Week activities at WDHS for 1200 students and staff
    Girls Group at Community Church attended by 10 girls
    50 WDHS students meet Councillor Judi Partridge in lecture hall
    Restorative Justice Training for 30 WDHS students
  • June 2013
    Police Training Essentials of Asset Building with Public Health; 50 police trained
  • July 2013
    Ribfest Display with Heal4Life to over 40,000 people attending the event
    Youth Meetings with Councillor Partridge and attend City Council meeting
  • August 2013
    First column written “A Touch of Class” by WDHS Student Prime Minister for the Flamborough Review
  • Sept 2013
    1200 “Listen, Laugh, Inspire” magnetic locker boards distributed to all WDHS students
    Parent Survival Guide; Second pamphlet distributed to parents of 1200 WDHS students
    Training for 40 business and political leaders
    Chilifest participation and support of WDHS football team who rallied staff and students by having 50 in attendance, local principals acted as celebrity judges
    Seniors Rotary Lunch presentation to 60 participants
  • Oct 2013
    Allan A. Greenleaf Celebrates – Facilitated several displays and participants
  • Nov 2013
    Bullying Awareness Week – “Be a Good Neighbour”; Activities and assemblies for 1200 secondary and 500 grade 7 and 8 students

  • Jan 2014
    What’s Your Path? Event in partnership with HWDSB and Flamborough Chamber of Commerce provided useful information to over 150 students and parents
  • March 2014
    WDHS Football and Rugby Team raised $350 by selling carnations to support Flamborough Women’s Resource Centre
  • April 2014
    Mental Health Awareness Week planning with WDHS and 5 feeder schools. 1700 students participated from Grades 7 – 12, popular car show of 20 antique and classic cars
    First inaugural Skate Jam planned with youth in partnership with Councillor Partridge, Rotary Ribfest and the Waterdown Youth Centre