Vision and Goals

Developmental assets are the 40 values, experiences and qualities which empower youth to succeed. These assets are the most widely used approach to positive youth development in Canada. They are grounded in extensive research in youth development, resiliency and prevention.


Youth in Flamborough are asset-rich, make healthy decisions, are involved in the community, and are supported, loved and cared for by the whole community.


  • To increase awareness of developmental assets among parents, teachers, businesses, community groups and organizations
  • To create a network of caring adults and organizations that promote and support each other in asset building
  • To engage youth in building assets for themselves, their peers, and younger children


Our focus

  • Train groups about developmental assets
  • Inspire and equip parents to build assets
  • Provide opportunities for youth to take leadership in building assets
  • Build 4 key assets that contribute to; youth feel valued, optimistic, set & achieve goals, contribute to community
    • Community Values Youth
    • Planning & Decision Making
    • Sense of Purpose
    • Positive View of Personal Future